Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bender Over!!!

I tend to use my injuries as an excuse to drink. I tend to use anything I can come up with as an excuse to party. I got back in Portland a week and a half ago on Monday and had a job interview on Tuesday. It was at this really cool winery in Dundee and I thought it went really well. So I started wine tasting in the afternoon and one thing led to another and then I was drunk until Friday. It wasn't good for my training. I started up running again on Monday but had to drop back my miles and now I'm doing a Novice training program. :( . Oh well, at least I didn't give up. I ran Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week for a total of 10 miles. Tomorrow I'm going to try and run 9 miles in Forest Park but my legs hurt all over today. Hopefully they will feel better in the morning. We leave for Michigan on Saturday and I'm a little worried there wont be many paths train on and I'll have to run on hard concrete. We'll see!